There is no love more sincere than the love of food
George Bernard Shaw

  He has worked for the most popular Food & Beverage names. He has explored both the Italian and the foreign markets: Cosimo Diana, for more than 30 years has been making the “made in Italy excellence” a reason for life. And a reason for his job. He has attended a three-year course to become a sommelier and attended various classes to become an oil taster. He can discern a well roasted coffee grain as well as some good quality flaky pastry.

  He is indeed an expert of good food and good wine. He is persuaded that all regional specialities, either small or big oenogastronomic gems, represent a National identity heritage. A heritage to pass on, together with culture and traditions. From a Parisian gastronomic boutique to a Bangkok design restaurant, on an Indian tycoon’s table or on a New York upper-class family’s table, an Italian product adds appeal and defines a sensual lifestyle that tastes like Dolce Vita.

  He started as a buyer, then became a seller for leading groups such as Autogrill, La Coop and Chiari & Forti. Cosimo Diana has refined his own experience in the import-export field and has learnt to select, for his own customers, the best of typical Italian food. From big to small producers.
And here comes the challenge: IFP, Italian Food Partner, a company born in 2003. It’s a team that joins passion to experience, product knowledge, research and marketing strategies in order to give value and share abroad the flavours made in Italy. Because eating well is an art and drinking better is virtue.

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