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It was a simple countryside, it has become the house of the King. The most noble among  Piedmont wines, Barolo, was born in the southern hills of the Po river, which smell of rare grapes. A stern and edgy wine, which has conquered the public from the 70s up to today. And not only the Italian public. It’s not by chance that both small and big producers have also breached overseas, being named and flattered on the pages of the Wine Spectator, the Bible of wines.


Going to the Langa, for wine and flavours, is the best way to spend a totally tasteful long weekend. Many are the cult destinations: from Barolo to Monforte to Serralunga d’Alba. You can walk in the green, you can visit old villages, you can sleep in country abodes  and you can get provisions in. Autumn is the perfect season for this, when the mists fall down to envelop the landscape with charm.

First lap, the village that has given name to the homonymous wine, Barolo. It’s a small district embraced by hills. The X century castle watches over the countryside. The castle, thanks to its last landlady, marquise Giulia Colbert Falletti, was the base of the first Barolo production. Its rooms today are hosting the WiMu, the Wine museum, a futuristic development born from a François Confino project ( you can visit the castle and go trekking among the vineyards up to November 19th. Not far from it is the Museo del Cavatappi (Corkscrew museum NT): an exposition of more than 500 specimen from XVIII century up to now ( On the way out of the centre, towards Brunate, you can reach the Cappella del Barolo (Barolo Chapel NT), a colourful place surrounded by vineyards, a “sanctuary” dedicated to the Langa wine, signed by Sol Lewitt and David Tremlett.

The itinerary continues towards Serralunga d’Alba, with narrow and concentric roads that climb up to the castle. Monforte d’Alba is a little middle age jewel, run across by narrow and winding streets that lead you to the main square: a Romanic tower together with the marquises Scarampi aristocratic palace play as a background. This evocative set becomes an auditorium in the Summer. An address to consider is the Hotel Villa Beccaris, an elegant residence of the late XVIII century with a suite and a 25,000 square meters park. At dinner you can take place at the Trattoria della Posta, for a dish of tajarin with Bolognaise  sauce and Barolo veal knuckle: cheers... 






Hotel Villa Beccaris

via Bava Beccaris 1, Monforte d’Alba (Cn),

tel. 0173.78.158

double room  204 €



Trattoria della Posta

loc. Sant’Anna 87, Monforte d’Alba (Cn)

 tel. 0173.78.120

40 €.



Antica Dispensa 
Bricco Bastia

Via Bava Beccaris 3,  Monforte d’Alba (CN)

Sweets, sauces and other local typical products 

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