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The best of Trentino in Val di Fassa

More and more tourists are choosing Trentino as their Winter holiday destination. They are appealed by the beauty of its landscape, the cordiality of its inhabitants and by a good series of interesting proposals. The style keeps on being genuine and classic, still full of charm.

That means Val di Fassa for example, where the most famous mountains of the Dolomites overlook the north eastern part of Trentino for twenty kilometers. We are talking about the Marmolada,  the Sella and the Catinaccio Mountain group and as well about the Monti Pallidi and the  Sassolungo.

Right here, in Val di Fassa, we can find some of the most charming Trentino ski areas. The Sellaronda ski runs (we get there from Canazei) are among the most famous and spectacular of the entire Alpine area. It’s a route of over 40 kilometers on easy and medium tracks,  that fall around the Sella massif. Nature is impressive, with ski tracks for any emotion and culture, the Ladin one, has preserved the original spirit, both in its arts and gastronomic traditions.

The products here come from old and natural working methods and from plantations that guarantee the territory safeguard. Preservatives and additives are often banned here. Cheese is safe, cured meats are very fragrant and pasta is worked with spring water. In Trentino the concepts of purity, tradition and goodness are conveyed on tables and gastronomy more often than anywhere else. There are plenty of out-and-out specialties to taste and buy on site: mountain honey, high altitude cheese, jam, cured meat and biological bread. There’s nothing better than going food shopping, in order to store up and fill up our Winter pantry with typical food.

The master dairymen are actually those who can transform the richness of Nature into genuine tastes to have at table: Puzzone di MoenaNostrano della Val di Fassa and Caprino di Cavalese, are only some of the cheeses of this region (in this case typical of Val di Fassa) to be among the most  beloved  by evaluators and appreciated by both gastronauts and gourmets. The Cheese Route of the Dolomites ( helps the tourist get a little closer to the local cheese. It’s a sensorial journey that involves producers, small shops, restaurants, agritourisms, hotels and B&B.  They have all committed themselves to value the products inside a circuit that involves Valli di Fiemme, Fassa and Primiero.

In Val di Fassa, the king of cheese is a product that has no rivals in terms of aroma. The Puzzone of Moena is soft and gives off intense perfumes and scents that change, of course, according to the ripening period. You can find it at Caseificio sociale of Predazzo and Moena (via Fiamme Gialle, 48, Predazzo, tel. 0462 501287) but also at La casa del formaggio Dallagiacoma (Piaz del Malghèr 4, tel. 0462 763688) in  Pozza di Fassa, an out and out gourmand boutique: besides cheese, excellence is also applied to  baked pastry and also to other specialties like from apple tart to strudel. On the other hand, in Alba di Canazei, the Panificio  (bakery) Boninsegna (strada De Costa 25, tel. 0462602570) is popular for its typical val di Fassa breads and pastries, like the cake made of buckwheat and blueberry jam. Canazei il Sottobosco (Piazza Marconi 4, tel. 0462.601272), is a well-known shop for its refined selection of typical products: traditionally produced cheese, speck and cured meats, but also honeys, jams, wines and an excellent homemade yogurt. Little far, in Vigo di Fassa, close to ski resorts, at Ciampedie there’s the Macelleria (butcher’s) dei Fratelli Pellegrin (Strada Saniel Zen 5, tel. 0462 763156) that has a long tradition in the production and trade of cured meats, speck and local genuine meats.




Hotel Carpe Diem

Natural materials and charm dettails

Strada Neva 1, Vigo di Fassa

tel 0462.76.00.03

Double bedroom b&b from 115 €




Tastes of the mountains

Passo S. Pellegrino, Moena,

tel. 0462574281

from 30 €



From  1st December to 7th April 2013

Val di Fassa e Carezza: from 33 to 47 €/day

Dolomiti Superski: from 40 to 50 €/day



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