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Valleys, medieval villages and passes: a slow tour around the hills of Piacenza among castles, nature and good food. We’ll have a special encounter   with niche products, enclave of taste and simplicity.


Up to a few years ago, walking tours and itineraries around Piacenza were a destination for few people. It’s a protected circuit, particularly known by local people. Today “piacentinoshire”,   a special shelter where British and intellectuals from Milan have bought their holiday house, has become a yearned and appreciated corner of Italy. People can walk,   cycle, horse ride, sleep in elegant country houses and sit at the best tables. It’s a fertile land, rich with vineyards that produce quality grapes with old methods and a way to cultivate grape vines with very close stumps and strong pruning.

The choice varies from Gutturnio classico to the Riserva one,  Trebbiano, Monterosso Valdarda and Vin Santo di Vigoleno just to name a few.  Piacenza viticulture, all set on hills, extends for more than six thousand hectares (for any information about wines and wine producers:  Here we can find very good wines to match with other excellent local products like coppa piacentina, pancetta and salame piacentino.

Among the many possible itineraries, Val Tidone is certainly a peaceful oasis, where one can regenerate, in a suspended atmosphere, between strolls and good food.  A “must-see” is Borgonovo with its castle, a majestic fortress built in 1196 in order to defend the area. Then we have the hamlet of Corano with its old fortress and beside it    Le Proposte restaurant, a warm environment dedicated to the rural tradition: quality of raw materials and genuine tastes are to be tasted. In their menu we can find protected designation origin cured meats, the inevitable pisarei e fasò and roast goose with apples.

Descending  towards Piacenza via the Val Tidone country road, we could find an accommodation c/o Casa Lucia, in Gragnano, an old rural dwelling which has been modified for touristic purposes. It is immersed in the green and we can rent it for one night, a weekend or a week. This means relaxing in the spirit of downshifting.


Walking Tours

Pozzo di Valle Tour

Among the valley floor vineyards. Length  2500 m. Average slope 7.3%. - 40 minutes walk at  3.7 Km/h. – Start/End in Ziano. Red route markings.


Monte Po Tour

Among the Crinale vineyards. Length 4600 m. Average slope  6.7% - 1 hour 20 minutes walk at 3.5 Km/h – Start/End in Ziano. Blu route markings.






Casa Lucia

Elegance in the green

Strada Ozzola

Gragnano Trebbiense,

tel. 347 6757309



Le Proposte

Genuine Tastes

Fraz. Corano

Borgonovo Val Tidone

tel. 0462574281

Da 35 €



Salumeria Gallarati (Delicatessen Gallarati)

Via Roma,30


tel 0523 863180



Piacenza Turismi

Via San Siro 27, Piacenza

Tel. 0523.3052.54


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