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Between Romagna and the Marche, Montefeltro is a little-known treasure in the heart of the Apennines, a green region rich in history and culture more and more appreciated by tourists.

It takes twenty minutes drive from Rimini to arrive, leaving behind the crazy Riviera. Smiles and sympathy welcome you, together with wonderful landscapes and delicious local food. Montefeltro is beautiful in every in seasons,  especially in Autumn, when the rarefied atmosphere of the fog enshrouds everything. And it’s also the right to fill the trunk of delicacies: salami, cheese and truffles.

Driving from Rimini you meet at first Torriana and Verucchio: on the rock there are two fortresses that have witnessed the splendor of the Malatesta and Montefeltro battles against the troops of Montefeltro. The fortresses, part of a powerful defensive system, were built a few kilometers away from each other to communicate through smoke signals

Then, you meet San Leo, an eighteenth-century village perched on a massive, white rock dominated by Forte Rinascimentale, where Dante Aligheri e San Francesco passed through. And where Giuseppe Balsamo, well known as Count of Cagliostro, was imprisoned. An ancient history which continues inside the Romanesque Cathedral: perfectly preserved is a place of great impact. It’s not far  from San Leo, Sant’Agata Feltria, between the valleys of the rivers Savio and Marecchia: the small town, is known for its old charm and for the white truffle, Tuber Magnum, one of the most popular local products of Alta Valmarecchia: excellent raw or in slices on pasta and meat.

Next stop Talamello, where they produce the famous "amber", as Tonino Guerra named Fossa cheese. The secret of its quality lies in the seasoning inside hermetically was sealed for three months, in a perfect balance of temperature and humidity. The land, rich in sulfur, gives the cheese durig the seasoning, that special flavor. In the village you can take a walk along the small alleys and have a look at the Cella, a small Gothic chapel (1437) all frescoed that preserves the history of the universal church. It is not far from the Museum and Art Gallery Ferdinand Gualtieri (an artist originally from the Marche), where you can  see a painting entitled "The dream of amber."

A few chilometre from Talamello, there is Perticara, where the Sulphur Museum is worth a visit (  it collects interesting examples of mining sulfur in the mine. Nearby, Pennabilli is another historic beauty of the Montefeltro: a set of ancient streets, churches, the ruins of the medieval castle and the palace of cloistered nuns. Tonino Guerra lived here and gave birth to his "museum", poetic installations scattered around the country.




Oste del Castello

via dei Martiri 10, Verucchio

tel. 0541679308

From 100 € 

Charme among ancient walls


Pietra Salara

Via Pietra Salara 20, Località Secchiano, Novafeltria

tel. 0541912344

From  80 € 

Country chic



Povero Diavolo

via Roma 30, Torriana


70 € 

Old recipies revisited


Il Bettolino

via Montefeltro 4, San Leo

tel. 0541916265

25 € 

Local cuisine


Il Piastrino

via Parco Begni 5, Pennabilli

40 €

Tradition and modernity



Bottega di Luca

Via Montefeltro 26, San Leo

Tel. 0541916311

Local Delights


Sant’Agata Feltria Tartufi

Piazza Garibaldi 20, Sant’Agata Feltria

Tel. 33441425800



L’antica Bottega

Piazza Garibaldi 11, Talamello

Tel. 3391339635

Talamello “Ambra” cheese



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