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Elegance and creativity: Caffè Arti e Mestieri, in the heart of  Reggio Emilia, is placed inside a historical building. Since always it has been the cradle of Reggio gastronomy. And today even more. A little more than a month ago it opened to the public with a change: the arrival of the two-star Michelin chef  Gianni D’Amato, patron of Il Rigoletto, the historical restaurant of Reggiolo.

With his son Federico and Chef Sauro Antonioli, D’Amato proposes an itinerary of little tapas, another of fresh pasta and the last with the classics of Rigoletto. All of them accompanied with and interesting wine list: from sparkling white wine to Lambrusco. As a stage of the local gastronomical tradition in modern key, his menus are a special mix of taste and harmony, result of years of experience in the kitchen and of talent. In the land menu, for example, we can taste Tortelli di Zucca e burro di Latteria,  Guancialino di maiale in salsa di lambrusco, Saba con crema di Topinambur  and Zuppa Inglese (trifle) to end.

An “guarantee of origin” address in the energetic and cheerful Emilian town, the “good Reggio, courteous Reggio” to use the words of  Pietro Aretino in 1593. Walking among squares and districts without haste is very pleasant. Maybe it’s for the culture and good Lambrusco , or maybe it’s because of the Autumn fog and the Reggio inhabitants cheerfulness, but every year a million tourists come to appreciate the beauties of this little town cut in two parts by the via Emilia.


Caffè Arti e Mestieri

Via Emilia San Pietro 14, Reggio Emilia

tel. 0522.432202


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