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The last trend, as far as cooking is concerned, is cooking our own vegetables from our  vegetable garden. Exactly like they do at Erba Brusca’s, on the Naviglio Pavese. Right in this restaurant, Alice Delcourt, Italian for passion, has embraced a 360 degrees green philosophy, after a great experience in many Italian restaurants.

Her dishes get inspiration from the flavours and scents of her vegetable garden (strictly biological). “A vegetable garden lets us be tied to a more immediate food dimension, linked to periodicity and to the care of the raw materials”. The other products are purchased directly from biologically aware producers. The restaurant interiors are furnished with natural materials, whereas in the outdoor area we can have lunch under a shade arbour. At the entrance, some bicycles are at the guests’ disposal for a possible cycling tour in the green, along the Naviglio (channel). A “must-taste”: Risotto with brown-burnt onions and thyme flowers, Soufflé of caprabella cheese and fresh garlic, asparagus, broad beans, basil and almonds, and to end Carrot cake with maple glaze.


Erba Brusca

Alzaia Naviglio Pavese

Tel. 02 87380711



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