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She is italian and very talented. With a “pinch” of sweetness in her disse. Born in 1973 Iside De Cesare is originally a patry chef, but she learned to cook experiencing the best kitchens: Agata e Romeo and the at Hilton in Rome, for exemple. Then at Frasca in Castrocaro Terme where she met Romano Gordini (very talented too), now her husband.

With Romano she opened La Parolina, a restaurant in the countryside in a a tiny village between Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany, awarded in the recent years by a Michelin star. It is set in the middle of nowhere between dirt roads and hills overlooking the Val d'Orcia, but it has become a gourmet stop among the most appreciated in Italy. In the menu you can find ragout, broth and game, with nougat of fois gras, fried egg yolk on a foam of egg white and a bed of pecorino cream and other delicacies. Followed, ça va sans dire, by sensational desserts like creme brulée with saffron and a ricotta cheese semifreddo: for food lovers. 

La Parolina

Via G. Pascoli 19

Trevinano (VT)

Tel: 0763717130

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