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THE CHEF RECIPE Massimo Spigaroli

 Snail ravioli in a corn pastry with cauliflower tops and flowers

One-Michelin-star and an old tradition in the kitchen, the Bassa Parmense one. The menu of Antica Corte Pallavicina, a refined inn on the Po river, is a succession of  old dishes in modern key:  a delight for senses.





Ingredients (serves 4 people)


To prepare the pasta

400 gr 00 flour (white flour)

200 gr sieved corn flour

5 whole eggs

Salt to taste

1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil


To prepare the snails

20 shelled snailmeat

1 stalk of celery

1.5 onions

1 carrot,

250 gr butter

100 gr cauliflower tops/flowers and baby broccoli 

1 slice of minced garlic 

1 bay leaf

5 minced shallots

Salt to taste


Snails preparation

Boil with celery, carrot, onion and bay for nearly one hour and drain; in a saucepan brown the shallots with 100 gr of butter, then add the snails, cover them with water, add salt and simmer for about 3 hours; empty the saucepan with the snails, let them get cold at room temperature, then place them into the fridge so that the butter thickens.


Pasta preparation

Knead all the ingredients, roll out the dough like you do for ravioli and cut out about  five-centimetre sided big squares, place a snail in the middle of each one and fold them (see picture)



Cook the ravioli in a large pot with salted water and  drain them. Separately, in a saucepan you will have melted the left butter; add 1 decilitre of water, a little salt and mix energetically, in order to form a well whipped sauce; lay down the ravioli and let them in the sauce for 5 minutes. Then set them out on the bottom of the plate, pour the sauce and then the cauliflower tops/flowers and baby broccoli, after a slight browning in very little butter.



“Marcello Coronini (food and beverage journalist, who knows everything, or rather, anything about wines) called me last  year in January and said to me: - Massimo, as usual, also this year I am going to take care of “Gusto in Scena”. It will be in Venice in March. You will be one of my guests. I would like you to talk about your story as a cook and man of culatello and, as well, I would like you to bring an innovative recipe representing the land and the tradition of the bassa parmense  with its humidity.

So, here are the Snail ravioli in a corn  pastry with cauliflower tops and flowers: the snail because it’s both tradition and humidity, the corn flour because it scrubs and takes away the snails slime and the pastry because it is Emilia, cauliflower leaves because I remember when in autumn the snails were purged with cauliflower leaves and the butter because it is softness and humidity!

I went and it was a big success! Both with my intervention where I explained my territory concept and the dish…exceptional!”




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