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THE CHEF RECIPE    Piergiorgio Parini


Squilla Omelette

He makes positive people talk about himself for his accurate search of the old Montefeltro tradition, still with a touch of creativity. It’s the contemporary and sophisticated world of Piergiorgio Parini, from Osteria Povero Diavolo of Torriana. He uses fresh local products like herbs, truffles, meat, fish from the close Adriatic sea and Fossa cheese, with something that goes the extra mile. An elegant location, in a historic region, with plenty of green, between Romagna and Marche: almost an unknown treasure in the heart of the Apennines. 



Serves 4 people

500 gr. Squillas + 4 entire stewed squillas

2 tangerines

200 gr. chickweed

1 teaspoon of  polypodium root extract powder





Grind the squillas in a meat grinder, then sift to separate from the skin. Whip  the squilla meat with little oil and add salt to taste. Clean the chickweed and keep the top for the dish finishing: the rest of it shall be cooked in a pan with a little water and once cold,  put in a food mixer until it becomes a puree. Squeeze the tangerines and keep some of their skin apart, then mix the juice with little oil and add salt to taste. Then add the skin chopped in little squares. Later, heat up a little pan with some oil, pour some squillas mixture, cook gently, make it congeal and add the squillas in the middle. After bending the omelette, arrange it in the dish and season with the tangerine sauce, the chickweed puree, the chickweed tops and the polypodium root extract powder.



“this dish contains four basic ideas of my cooking:

1) the use of  local raw material (the squillas)

2) a preparation technique that  totally guarantees the plain nature of the product and that calls back to popular recipes (in this case an omelette, with a raw squilla mixture instead of eggs)

3) the matching of different products that interact by similarity and contrast (crustaceans and roots)

4) an important vegetable mark (the chickweed) that parts, amplifies and varies the aromatic choice of the dish”



Povero Diavolo

via Roma 30, Torriana



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