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Pictures, videos, sculptures in the form of culatello, knowledge and tools: that's a special journey into the culinary heritage that the whole world envies us. Musa is the first museum in Italy dedicated to the ancient art of making Salumi.


MOSKARDIN, “el tacuìn veneto”

A notebook from Veneto 

A quintessentially Italian and Mediterranean notebook for hand-written notes in the touch screen era.

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They weigh anchor at four o’clock from the Western Dock of Marina di Carrara, sailing towards the blue water. Then they stand off until the fishnet is full. An oilskin and a pair of fisherman boots: Radoslava Petrova (everyone calls her Rady), organizes the working day on Mariemi II, her cooperative’s fishing boat.­­­ She’s Bulgarian, still naturalized Italian. Together with a little “women only” crew, she founded Bio e Mare (, a multiethnic female cooperative. It’s the first and only pink flag out of 13.374 fishing boats led by men.

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They call it the wine came from the cold and not by chance. The Icewine is a sweet nectar that you get from the high altitude vineyards. Grapes are left to dry and then freeze on the vine in winter and collected, by hand, when the temperature drops below zero.

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The Taste Pyramid 

The favourite food of gluttons and gourmets, Culatello and anolini, tortelli d’erbetta and lambrusco, have the nutritionists ok: that’s called the Food Pyramid of Parmesan cuisine and it wants to combine the nutritional diktats with the lifestyle of Parmesan regional culinary traditions. The model was developed by some Parmesan medical doctors, Dr. Federico Cioni, expert in food and nutrition sciences and his colleague Leone Arsenio, who about this subject, have published a research on the magazine Progress in Nutrition.

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