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There are people who buy prepared meals. There are tose who go to the restaurant. There’s the group who supports frozen food and canned food and there are those who “Di necessità… menu” (Anteprima-Radio Capital Editions). Because in times of crises, austerity and tighten belts we’d better keep an eye on the fridge as well. In the name of “no more wastefulness”, Silvia Mobili, Betty Senatore (presenters of the program Ladies and Capital on Radio Capital) and chef Sergio Maria Teutonico teach daily, on the radio, how to cook tasty recipes by combining leftovers and about-to-expire food.  We just need three ingredients in order to prepare a sublime dinner, dressed with a bit of creativity. It’s from their daily advice thathe book “Di necessità… Menu” was written: useful, amusing, immediate.






Its formula is secretly safeguarded in the labs of an industrial space, which is as big as 90 soccer fields. The hazelnut cream, for us all known as Nutella, was born in 1964 by Michele Ferrero in Alba and it’s the cult food of many generations. Mentioned in books (for instance by Dario Fo), sung by singers like Renato Zero and “hired” in the cast of the movie Bianca by Nanni Moretti, Nutella is appreciated more or less by everyone, with no age limit. Its story is told in a book “Pane e Nutella” (Bread and Nutella) by Clara Vada Padovani and Piergiorgio Giorilli, (Giunti editions). The book also collects 40 recipes teaching how to prepare bread and sweet rolls to accompany to the hazelnut to spread.

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