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They call it urban garden, because the tendency comes from oversea lands. Still urban gardens sprout up in this land, too. They are not just a green tiny plot of lands with flowerbeds and tree-lined avenues. They are a lot more. Eccentric and innovative, decorative and sustainable places, they occupy common spaces and recover no-longer-in-use materials. Behind all this, there’s a life philosophy balanced between a romantic return to nature and environmental carefulness.


In public spaces or places with view on the terrace or on the house roof the “metropolitan lettuce” grows luxuriant. It’s just for the pleasure of digging our hands into the soil and collecting some little tomatoes and some basil leaves for a mozzarella and tomato salad at dinner.



You do not need big rooms. A balcony or even a window sill would be enough. The important thing is that the environment is bright and ventilated. In order to have an “of your own” garden you just need a few tools and some good moves.

The farmer’s kit

A watering can, a vaporizer, a pair of gloves, scissors and some tools like a small shovel and a rake. Then some soil, some  natural fertilizer and seed bags and, of course, vases, plastic or wooden cases in order to plant what you like. You’d better lay down in the vases, an isolating material, in order to avoid  a root overheating. Or rather, if there’s little space, you can think about a vertical vegetable garden.

Where and how

The little plants shall grow at a good distance one from the other, in order to let the roots develop. They shall also grow in a good position beneath the sun. A fertilizer shall be supplied every fortnight and watering shall be constant and without any stagnation.


Lettuce is the most suitable vegetable for  pot growing: seeds shall be spread evenly and covered with a thin layer of soil. You shall water the soil trying to keep a constant humidity throughout the days. When the leaves are at least 10 cm long they will be ready to be cut and seasoned.  



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