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The Taste Pyramid 

The favourite food of gluttons and gourmets, Culatello and anolini, tortelli d’erbetta and lambrusco, have the nutritionists ok: that’s called the Food Pyramid of Parmesan cuisine and it wants to combine the nutritional diktats with the lifestyle of Parmesan regional culinary traditions. The model was developed by some Parmesan medical doctors, Dr. Federico Cioni, expert in food and nutrition sciences and his colleague Leone Arsenio, who about this subject, have published a research on the magazine Progress in Nutrition.


The Food Pyramid, proposed for the first time in the United States, was confirming the Mediterranean diet as the most appropriate to uphold our health. It was in the nineties. From that time many variations have been proposed: from the Asian one to the vegetarian one, up to the Tuscan one and now also the Parmesan one.

The starting point is: the quality raw materials, the traditional manufacturing and the local products that have always characterized our cuisine. Just think about culatello,  Parmigiano-Reggiano, Parma ham, pasta and wines. The final line is the balance: by respecting precise weight and proportion relations in the usage of the different food groups. All the above together with a balanced nutrition linked to a regular physical activity.

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