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They call it the wine came from the cold and not by chance. The Icewine is a sweet nectar that you get from the high altitude vineyards. Grapes are left to dry and then freeze on the vine in winter and collected, by hand, when the temperature drops below zero.

These wines are sweet (but not necessarily dessert wines) and very balanced: the sweet flavor is balanced by a good acidity that give a definite aftertaste, dry. They go very well with foie gras and cheeses. The most popular Icewines are Germans, Austrians and Canadians, but also in Italy there are attractive labels. For example, Tenuta Vitivinicola Croci ( one of the few companies in Italy to produce a good Ice Wine. In the Langhe, Cascina Baricchi produces a good elixir ( and in Valle d'Aosta, the vin de glace Chaudelune Wine of the Glaciers, obtained from the winter harvest of the grapes of the vine Priè blanc ( Cheers!

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