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MOSKARDIN, “el tacuìn veneto”

A notebook from Veneto 

A quintessentially Italian and Mediterranean notebook for hand-written notes in the touch screen era.


It's name is Moskardin, inspired by the famous mollusk in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s an orginal idea by Germana Cabrelle, brilliant journalist from Padua in Veneto, very passionate about travel and food.

"The Notebook for notes with a Veneto-inspired theme - she explains - is inspired by writing and travelling I was looking for something indigenous to our area, the  Mediterranean, to take with me in every part of the world . So I thought about it, designed it, and put it into production". A detail: the stylized octopus has seven tentacles, a tribute to the number of provinces of Veneto. An original way to combine concepts and territory in a single product.

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