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Pictures, videos, sculptures in the form of culatello, knowledge and tools: that's a special journey into the culinary heritage that the whole world envies us. Musa is the first museum in Italy dedicated to the ancient art of making Salumi.

It is over 200 square meters of exhibition space in Castelnuovo Rangone, a small village half an hour from Modena. It is a real travel into the five senses to discover the flavours and knowledge that always color our tables. Visitors pass through images, video, descriptive texts with stories and anecdotes of individual products, and an exhibition of old tools and spices. Making salumi is a real art handed down from generation to generation.  if you want to buy some, next to the museum there is the company store Villani Salumi, the one that gave birth to Musa.


Museo della Salumeria

Via E. Zanasi, 24

Castelnuovo Rangone (Mo)

Tel. +39 059 534411

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