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Tastings, cookery courses, cookery demonstrations and gourmet dinners prepared by Italy’s leading chefs: Maurizio Locatelli and Manuel Arcadu, Anthony Genovese and Stefano Cerveni. Porto Cervo Food Festival return on September 21st and 22nd.

A weekend of celebration focusing on both Sardinian and Italian gastronomic excellence, a wonderful culinary voyage in the island capital of glamour. Charcuterie, jam, bottarga and above all cheese, fil rouge of every dishes, from tastig to haute cuisine. Chefs from the Costa Smeralda’s leading restaurants will be giving their own personal take on traditional Sardinian cuisine bringing their unique creative elan and experience to the dishes. During the cookert demostrations they will bring their skills to the heart of Porto Cervo in a series of live cookery demonstrations during which they will reveal their five-star tricks of the trade and behind-the-scenes secrets. Do not miss…



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