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Italian Food Partner welcomes Caffè del Caravaggio as a client

"When I’ll die, bring me some coffee and I will resurrect like Lazarus”, said the famous actor Eduardo de Filippo in “Ghosts in Rome”. Since we drink it, a lot of time passed, more or less thousands of years. Yet, nothing has changed: a cup of coffee still gives rhythm to our day.

A good cup of coffee is a work of art, even more to produce it. And if we talk about art, could not have chosen a better name Caffè del Caravaggio, a company with a very specific goal: to evolve the pleasure of drinking a coffee in emotion: the same one you feel in front of a masterpiece. With this intention the company brought science into business at the service of coffee, with the cooperation of experts in the sector and  prestigious institutions (such as the University of Udine) to find out the best technologies able to get the zenith of taste and aroma.

Caffè del Caravaggio is made exclusively with highly valued 100% Arabica coffee beans and offers a selection of single origins and different blends: a variety that conveys a hint of spicy and exotic, fruity and floral aromas to each of the coffees.

Caffè del Caravaggio: an innovative projecs for an auteur coffee.

Mission. The coffee is a way of life, it marks the day from breakfast to dinner, it’s a voyage through the value of taste, crossing the five senses. A magic moment, the crowing achievement of an excellent menu and a fundamental element in defining the image and quality of the service offered. Caffè del Caravaggio project combines advanced technology with a revolutionary method of selction, with the art of brewing a fine coffee and the way to enjoy it.

Espresso is one of the symbol of italian style: to give due importance to this ritual means to transform the coffee moment into an opportunity of added value, capable of satisfying the most demanding of guests.

Higher quality sugar tested. The finest quality of 100% pure Arabica offered in the exclusive coffee list are the best in the world and ensure a sugar tested cream. A unique cream that is so rich and dense that even the sugar moves slowly towards the bottom of the cup and which only Caffè del Caravaggio coffee machines can guarantee.

Coffee List

The Single Origins

Guatemala. A prestigious pure Arabica coffee from the volcanic region in Antigua, at the centre of Guatemala: persistent aroma, sweetness and fine acidity are combined in perfect equilibrium.

Etiopia Sidamo. Unique aromas distinguished by 100% Arabica coffee beans from the rich plantations in the wooded mountains of Sidam.

Jamaica Blue Mountain. The King of coffee.


The Blends

Vellutato. Guatemalan and Ethiopian Arabica Blend; a smooth, flavourful brew that leaves behind a honeyed memory. The addition of refined Ethiopian Arabica harvested in the highlands of the Sidamo region confers a pleasant acidity with a distinct citrus aftertaste.

Vigoroso. A concentrate of strength and flavour made with the most exclusive varieties of Arabica from the Cerrado, Mogiana and Sul de Minas; persistent body; the aftertaste is an intense aroma with hints of toasted bread.

Intenso. The Arabica varieties of Mexico, elegant taste, slightly acid, and accompanied by a sublime sensation of sweetness with notes of dried fruit.

Decaffeinato. Central American Arabica Blend; full-bodied fragrance of true coffee. The special decaffeination method leaves the blend’s characteristics fully intact. The aroma and fruity aftertaste of this rich coffee are its distinguishing features.

Hi tech

Design and hi tech. The machine is equipped with sophisticated technological solutions, it provides constantly excellent coffee thanks to an internal microcomputer that keeps temperature and pressure at ideal level.

Easy to use. The machine is user-friendly: just press a button to make an auteur coffee.

Modularity. The machine is easy to assemble in the number of required modules. The modules themselves can be easily moved to configure the machine to your own necessities.

Fast. Only one minute is required for the first coffee of the day.

Style. The accessories by Giorgio Tedioli are stylish and hi tech: thermo cup, the innovative “double chamber” cup, minimizes thermal loss and lets you enjoy Caffè del Caravaggio at the ideal temperature; coffe spoon is studied to reduce heat loss and mixes the sugar without disturbing the thin layer of delicious foam.

Research. Developing the Caffè del Caravaggio project has required a good deal of work, with the cooperation of experts in the sector and prestigious institutions such as the University of Udine, which has acquired a vast experience in coffee-related issues. Health aspects were also thoroughly investigated, and for that they relied on the assistance of the Mario Negri Institute.


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