Italian cuisine is the most appreciated in the world. Statistics say it, surveys prove it. It's a synonym for the best food practice and for Dolce Vita.
Still, how can pasta amatriciana, pizza and pasta with sauce Bolognese prepared abroad, be similar to our local ones?
Whatever the answer is, experts agree that good ingredients are essential, more than the ability in the making. Of course, you will never get a good brasato al barolo from a bad barolo or an excellent pizza from a terrible mozzarella cheese.




  IFP makes a personal selection of the products it wants to export, by verifying on site the traceability in the preparation process, the quality of work as well as the used techniques. It meets producers, managers and owners of big and small enterprises, be they successful realities or hidden gems: yet enclaves of taste. It listens to their stories of fondness and expertise and then it chooses.






  Buyer from Italy, exporter in the world, IFP has an ambition to be able to share the search for the very best with all the customers of foreign markets. The best of that Italy of flavours: wine, pasta, oil and coffee. From the markets analysis to the marketing planning, from the sale of selected products to the launch of new ones: IFP offers to Italian producers consulting service and marketing strategies on the large-scale retail trade channels, the hotel industry and the food & beverage industry (Horeca).

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